Product Review: Target Blazers

16 Feb

On my way home from work I stopped in target to see what was new. I had not been in a while, mostly due to the security issues they have been having this year. Anyways, I found some great finds and a wrote a check to purchase. =)

1)  Mossimo Women’s Boyfriend Blazer – $27.99

This blazer fits so nice. I am tall and usually have a hard time finding blazers that are long enough. I turned up the sleeve to make it hit just above my wrist. There is plenty of arm room and I do not feel restricted while wearing.  I also like that there isn’t a button. This blazer can be considered a multipurpose. Wear it to work or a night out on the town.


2) Mossimo Women’s Ponte Blazer – Siren Red – $34.99

The bright spring color of this blazer is what caught my eye. Dealing with months of cold snowy weather in Michigan this is a great new color to add to my wardrobe. This blazer fits nice. It is not to tight across the arms and the button is in a nice spot and it does not pull when the coat is buttoned up.


I have not purchased this coral beaded necklace yet ($16.99), but I think it would pair nicely


XOXO – Elizabeth


Wordless Wednesday 2.12

12 Feb

Wordless Wednesday 2.12

It has been a very long winter here in Michigan. Good thing I love snow!



XOXO – Elizabeth

Product Review: Fitbit One

9 Feb

I am the biggest fan of my Fitbit One!


I have a job the requires between 2-4 hours a day in the car commuting and sitting for 8 hours at my desk. I got in the habit of coming home exhausted and going straight to the couch or bed. Things needed to change.

As 2014 came, I decided it was time to start making time for myself and getting my fat ass on the treadmill. I am fortunate to have a gym in our basement, so I do not have any excuses to not use it.

When I started wearing my Fibit I was tracking barley 2,000 steps a day. The first week I set my goal to 5,000 steps a day. (I didn’t want to over do it in the beginning.) Each week I have upped my steps by 1,000 and I am currently at 9,000. No matter how many steps I have when I get home I make sure every day to hit my goal number. Over the last few weeks I have become stronger on the treadmill. I also do a few workout dance videos each night offered On demand.

Tracking steps has become a friendly competition. I have connected with 17 friends and coworkers who also have a Fitbit. Each day we discuss how active we have been, give excuses when one falls behind and take breaks during the day to do a lap around the office of to do a few flights of stairs (Keeps count of stairs).

You can also track your sleeping patterns. It was very interesting to see how often I was waking up are moving in my sleep. I wasn’t surprised to see the nights we kicked the dog out of the bed I tracked a better nights sleep.



I want to also mention Fibit has amazing customer service. I owned a Fitbit one last year and had it clipped to my pants. Later in the day I noticed that it had fallen off and never to be found. I contacted their customer service. I provided them a few details, my proof of purchase, which Fitbit I lost and they sent me a replacement! How awesome!

I would like to give majority of the credit to my Fitbit One for my healthy lifestyle. It has been awesome to see all the progress I have made over the last five weeks.

Oh – one last note. You can sync with your Fitness Pal app!

I highly recommend this product!

XOXO – Elizabeth

Next steps: In Vitro

6 Feb

In 2014 I will…..Stay Positive

Infertility can put a stone wall between you and everything. It is up to you to make sure you continue to stay positive.
Years of trying, month after month of disappointment, a brief moment of excitement and in the blink of an eye devastation.

I am always told that I stay positive about my situation. Honestly that is all I can do. I have amazing parents, three sisters, 7 nieces and nephews, an awesome Grammie, a hard working handsome husband, fabulous Friends, great in-laws and the cutest dog. My job is great and I have a home that should be in a magazine. I could not be more blessed in life. There seems to be just one little hiccup.

Our Next Steps InVetro. My next steps: continue to stay positive.

Our Journey:

October 2010 – Decided to start trying
March 2012 – Became pregnant
May 2012- Miscarriage at 12 weeks
June & July 2012 Recover from miscarriage and D&C
August-September – Started trying again.
October 2013 – Switched OBGYN and they found I had a Septate Uterus.
February 2013 – Surgery to remove the fibrous tissue that filled my uterus. (google it)
October 2013- Started Clomid (50)
November 2013 – Second Round of clomid (100)
December 2013 – Third round of clomid (100)
February 2014- Prep for In Vitro
March 2014 – In Vitro

Wish me luck!

XOXO – Elizabeth

Wordless Wednesday 2.5.2014

5 Feb

My Mother is a VERY talented artist. These are paintings from photos of mine, my sister and my BF’s wedding. Interested?





XOXO – Elizabeth


Wordless Wednesday 1.1.2014

1 Jan

Wordless Wednesday 1.1.2014

Cheers to the Michigan State Spartans! Rose Bowl Champs.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year – 2013

31 Dec

Hope everyone has had a happy and safe Christmas season. Here are a few pictures from the holidays! 

This year I got my first “Ugly” Christmas sweater. It is not that ugly, but it is definitely pretty silly.



Lots of snow paired with an ice storm that left my family without power for seven days!



This year we decided that we were going to get a new prelit Christmas tree. I few of the lights didn’t work, but we kept it anyways. 


We even put the our pup in a Santa outfit.. (Not a big fan)



Cute little decorations! 


Set the table with my Great Grandmothers China. This set was made before 1916!


As the break comes to an end we relax and enjoy the last few day of 2013 and welcome 2014! Happy New Year!



xoxo – Elizabeth 


Japanese Beetles

29 Jul

Japanese Beetles

Please go away! You have completely ruined my rose garden and how you are have started on my other flowers!

Every evening after work I put on my kitchen gloves, grab my mop bucket full of soapy water and spend an hour picking all the beetles I can find. (The picking has been going on for a week) I have bought some spray from Home Depot, but have yet to hook it to the hose.

Anyone else having the nasty little friends visiting their garden?

XOXO – Elizabeth

Finding beauty in violent storms

24 May

Single Life 2 Married Wife:

These photos are beautiful. But scary…

Originally posted on CNN Photos:

Camille Seaman is known for her dramatic images of icebergs that reveal the beauty of these ancient yet threatened objects. She recently turned her attention to a different natural phenomenon, weather, and applied the same fine-art aesthetic to capture its power and brilliance.

Seaman credits her daughter with the inspiration for the series “The Big Cloud.” At 8 years old, she was watching a storm-chasing program on television when the idea hit her: “Mom, you should do that,” she said.

Interested, Seaman searched the term “storm chasing” on the Internet and discovered a whole industry and community that she never knew existed. “That’s how it began,” she said.

Since 2008, she has built on that initial burst of curiosity to produce powerful images of storm clouds brewing throughout the Midwest, in what she considers an extension of her iceberg work.

“After spending so much time in polar regions and experiencing…

View original 370 more words

One year ago today.

14 May

One year ago today… 

our 12 week old baby passed away. 

It took a a few long months to recovery from the D&C.  Physically and mentally one of the hardest things I have even gone through. 

I switched OBGYNs and on my first visit they spotted a birth defect in my uterus. 

The sadness and heartbreak fell over me again.

I was born with a Septate Uterus.

This is rare but not totally uncommon. 

Over 15 years of OBGYN appointment and everyone missed that my uterus was over 75% filled with a fibrous tissue. 

I was referred to an amazing DR. I had months worth bloodwork, Dr. appointments and exrays leading up to the surgery.  

Three incisions in my stomach and in through my vagina to cut the tissue away. It lasted a few hours with a full week recovery and months to fully heal. 

I am thankful for all my loving family and friends who helped me through this sad time. 

Now here I sit one year later.

I sit and think about the last year of sadness and only hoping for a brighter year to come. 


xoxo – Elizabeth 



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